我們的核⼼理念主張使用與⼈體親和力高、無毒、無害的元素,以調理的方式來解決絕大部分現代人面臨的各種問題,因而開發了Escadee主打的三大產品系列:Hydrogen Series ,Almighty Series, Supreme Series。

Escadee生產的產品皆以細胞調理治療(Cell Conditioning Therapy)技術為研發核心,不過多聲張指定效果(如美白系列、抗老系列、敏感肌膚系列等),而是以還原細胞健康為理念,主張「排毒、還原、增強」序列。

Escadee也熱衷於產業教育,將美容知識、保健知識透過概念課程(Concept Class)或訂製課程(H2 Project)的方式傳授給每一位代理。系統化的教育可將美容院乃至美容產業的知識水平整體提升,讓我們能夠更有效的解決終端客戶的肌膚問題。

2017年成立至今,憑著創辦人Fhelynn Ang與研發團隊在市場上超過17年的經驗,Escadee已成功挽救無數張嚴重問題肌膚,將其調理成健康、自然、有光澤的肌膚,並在短時間內已將品牌拓展至中國香港、新加坡、泰國、汶萊等地區,於海內外已有超過百間美容院代理。


Escadee is a company that is rich in corporate culture and is keen to share beauty and health care knowledge.

As we are all living in this modern lifestyles, having health problems caused by stress are no longer uncommon.

Therefore, our existence is to change humans’ stereotypes towards health and beauty. We want to cultivate and educate people on the habits and knowledge they so that everyone can create a healthy and beautiful state of life.

Our primary concept is cell conditioning which advocates the use of element that has high affinity to the body, non-toxic and harmless, so that it can solve most of the problems faced by the modern society. For that, we developed three major Escadee product series namely: Hydrogen Series, Almighty Series and Supreme Series.

The products produced by Escadee are all based on cell conditioning therapy technology, we do not promote necessary effects (such as whitening series, anti-aging series, sensitive skin series, etc.), but the concept of restoring cell health, advocate ” “Detox, Restore, Enhance” sequence.

Escadee is also passionate on industrial education, and imparts beauty knowledge and health knowledge to each beauty salon owners (dealers) through our Concept Class or Customized Course (H2 Project). Systematic education can improve the overall knowledge level of the beauty salon and the beauty industry, allowing us to solve the skin problems of end users more effectively.

Since its establishment in 2017, with our founder Fhelynn Ang and R & D team of more than 17 years of field experiences, Escadee has been successfully improved countless of serious skin problems, conditioning our customers into healthy, natural, shiny skin. With good testimonials from our customers, we are able to expand in a short time not only in Malaysia, but to abroad like to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei with more than one hundred beauty salons as our dealers. Truthfully, Escadee is honored to be everyone’s top choice.

In the future, Escadee will devote more efforts in our product development and improve our education platform in order to give back to the society.


Fhelynn Ang
Chief Trainer Officer of Escadee