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Escadee Concept Class | 2020 July

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Escadee線下Concept Class回來了!




這一次我們在Concept Class中,一併發佈了Escadee 2020年新品——Escadee Supreme Solution!

歷經數年研發,Escadee Supreme Solution 面世了!

Escadee Supreme Solution 是由Escadee 品牌研發顧問 Fhelynn Ang 親自研發的一系列原料級治療型專業用護膚品。

Escadee Supreme Solution以MiniLab為概念,讓美容師學會為不同肌膚特質,為您的客戶調配出定製的治療配方。

Escadee Supreme Solution由一款基底溶液Basic Pure,和6款不同功效的超濃縮治療溶液與治療粉末組成,能彈性配合不同膚況調配出最理想的治療配方。


Customer Satisfaction, Your Achievements, Our Honour.


點擊以下網址了解更多詳情,讓Supreme Solution提升您的治療品質。

After months of MCO, we finally meet again!

The offline Escadee Concept Class is back!


Each time, we usually prepare different topic for everyone to relearn their beauty knowledge and updates on the market trends.

However, this time is slightly different!

This time we released Escadee's 2020 new treatment set-Escadee Supreme Solution!

After several years of research and development, Escadee Supreme Solution is available!

Escadee Supreme Solution is a series of concentrated therapeutic professional skin care products personally developed by Escadee brand research and development team led by Fhelynn Ang.

Escadee Supreme Solution promotes 'MiniLab' as the concept, allowing beauticians to learn how to formulate customized treatment solutions for different skin characteristics.

Customer Satisfaction, Your Achievements, Our Honour.

The research and development took several years, and it will definitely bring you to a whole new treatment experience!

Click on the following URL to learn more and let MiniLab improve the quality of your treatment.