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「厭倦了使用一堆沒有效果的東西? 顧客皮膚嚴重程度只用微量的治療元素而無法達到效果?顧客心累你也累!」

別擔心!Escadee Supreme Solution正式上線!

supreme solution

Escadee 正式推出新系列「專業用原料級溶液Supreme Solution」, 讓你在美容院裡建造屬於你自己的MiniLab!

Escadee Supreme Solution 是由Escadee 品牌研發顧問 Fhelynn Ang 親自研發的一系列原料級治療型專業用護膚品,由一款基底溶液Basic Pure,和6款不同功效的超濃縮治療溶液與治療粉末組成,能彈性配合不同膚況調配出最理想的治療配方。

誰說salon use的產品就一定要大包裝? 經濟實惠不等於好用!

Escadee Supreme Solution 每一瓶都使用不超過50ml的小包裝,每一罐皆是原料級溶液,高濃度且不含香精、色素、降低防腐劑與穩定劑的使用,最大幅度降低肌膚的代謝負擔,提升活性成份的濃度,將治療效果推向更高的境界。

Escadee Supreme Solution適用範圍非常廣,從普通肌膚到脆弱肌膚都可以使用。其治療效果包括:有效降低紅腫、去除疤印、預防痘疤產生、提升皮膚代謝能力、祛除皮膚角化、對抗玫瑰痤瘡、預防色素沈澱、抗老化、深層滋潤皮膚等多重功效,取決於您如何進行客製化搭配!

Escadee Supreme Solution,讓你擁有屬於你自己的MiniLab,隨時為顧客定制專屬配方。

現在就前往Escadee Supreme Solution頁面了解Escadee Supreme Solution的個別功效與成份吧!

「Tired of using a bunch of ineffective things? The severity of the customer's skin cannot be solved ? Customers are tired and you are tired too!」

Escadee Supreme Solution is now available!

supreme solution

Escadee officially launched a new series- "Supreme Solution" for Professional Treatment!

Escadee Supreme Solution is a series of high-concentration therapeutic-grade professional skin care products developed by Escadee's research and development team led by Fhelynn Ang.

Escadee Supreme Solution is made up of Basic Pure, and 6 super-concentrated treatment solutions with different functions, which can elastically match with different skin conditions to achieve the most ideal treatment.

Who said salon use products must be in big packages? Economical packaging sometimes does not mean friendly to use!

Each bottle of Escadee Supreme Solution uses a small package of no more than 50ml. It does not contain fragrances, pigments, and reduces the use of preservatives and stabilizers. It minimizes the metabolic burden on the skin, increases the concentration of active ingredients, and promotes the therapeutic effect to a higher level.

Escadee Supreme Solution has a wide range of applications, from normal skin to fragile skin. Its therapeutic effects include: effectively reducing redness, removing scar marks, preventing acne scars, improving skin metabolic capacity, removing skin keratinization, preventing pigmentation, and deeply moisturizing the skin, depending on how you customize it!

Go to the Escadee Supreme Solution page now to learn about the individual effects and ingredients of the Escadee Supreme Solution!